Rendez-vous with Rachel

A beautiful singing voice that appeals to the very bottom of your heart;
A yummy French meal that brings all your precious memories to a re-start.

Would you like to embrace these two blessings in a single concert?

For patrons of traditional music halls, if you have a desire to experience music listening in a different style – – casual music listening in a cosy and laid-back atmosphere like some of your fellow music lovers in Europe, here is a great opportunity for you.

Our Soporano Miss Rachel Chong is not a bathroom diva. Her voices were heard and applauded in major music halls and theatres, and she has won the hearts of numerous people in her arena. Her passion in music and gourmet food brings her to Rendezvous with Rachel, in which she will share with audience good food, popular art songs and folk tunes. Do come to enjoy a special evening! A surprisingly delightful experience guaranteed!



Rachel對音樂和美食的熱情,而且諗返起昔日喺歐洲同樣間唔中有嘅演出模式,促使她答允演出「Rendezvous with Rachel」,與觀眾分享美食及膾炙人口的藝術歌曲,除咗為都市人帶來一種不一樣嘅感受同喜悅,還為大家分享一種歐洲風 – 藝術生活化嘅態度。

優雅 . 生活,


|日期| 9月18日(星期三)
|時間| 7:00pm 開始
|地點| glue 灣仔星街 灣仔電氣街1號 1A舖
|費用| $250/位 (包括由法國精品餐廳Maison ES提供的晚餐盒一個)

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