Concert Apéritif

Have you ever thought about taking a moment away from the bustling city on a Saturday evening? In a cozy and quiet ambience, having a concert with a group of like-minded friends, drenching in music by J.S. Bach, Rachmaninoff and more?

Jonathan Fong and Louis Ng, the award-winning cellist and collaborative pianist, cordially invite you to experience a wonderful concert with cello and our Steinway Grand B Piano.


我們誠意邀請你參加 Concert Apéritif音樂會。在咕嚕館 @gluehk 的 Phi Music Lounge,由獲獎無數的音樂家 Jonathan Fong 和 Louis Ng 共同為你演奏出精彩絕倫的音樂。

|日期| 9月7日(星期六)
|時間|6:30pm 開始
|地點|glue 灣仔星街 灣仔電氣街1號 1A舖
|費用| $120/位

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